Metastage Tour

August 30, 2018
August 30, 2018 Vince Argentine

Metastage Tour

We love getting the opportunity to not only check out upcoming products, but also create relationships with some amazing people on the front lines of new emerging technology.

Recently we had the pleasure of visiting Metastage and checking out their new facilities housing their volumetric solution. When you first walk in it feels like you’re entering a spaceship. That in itself speaks quantities as the stage carries a welcoming balanced feeling of creativity and tech. After quickly getting a brief tour of the facade we were introduced to their volumetric capture space. A beautiful green screened area filled with around 106 cutting edge cameras and lights that has aided in creating content for XR projects such as Emmy nominated VR experience Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab.

After seeing some raw processed data we were thoroughly impressed and excited to imagine all the capabilities. That, in addition to where and when we could potentially bring flourishing ideas to the stage. With plenty of space for performers and production crew alike, Metastage is a place we’d definitely look forward to visiting again soon.

Seeing how far 3D scanning is coming along through photogrammetry, followed by visiting a top of the line volumetric stage, makes it more and more believable to foresee a future surround by holograms, 3D video chat sessions, and thensome.

If you’d like to see more about Metastage and volumetric capture check them out at:

What do you think about being able to capture even better, more realistic 3D assets and models? Do you see yourself living in a world of holograms or submersed in a digital reality?