Mocap Militia

Mocap Militia is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Beach, just minutes from Los Angeles International Airport. In partnership with Rouge Mocap for over a decade, the Marina Del Rey location is completely sound ready, boasting one of the best motion capture sound stages in Los Angeles. The full service mocap stage also has two photogrammetry booths for 3D Scanning on site along with two professional Audio Recording booths for any post or voice over needs.

mocap stage   motion capture staging

Our Mobile Motion Capture Unit is fully equipped with 50 Vicon motion capture cameras, giving us the ability to accommodate up to a 40’x40’x18′ capture volume with up to 10 actors at a time. We can supply everything a shoot needs including Video Reference, Real Time Playback, Head Mounted Cameras, Custom Props to Crash Mats. With experience shooting across the US, Canada, and Asia we know what it takes to deliver custom motion capture setups around the world.